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caesium 0.8.0 is out! It’s a Clojure-first binding to libsodium that gives you strong, modern, fast and easy to use crypto while not compromising on making low-level APIs available when you need them. Tons of automated testing and benchmarks as per usual. Tons of cool changes in this version, especially around simplifying which JVM byte types get used in what cases (still mostly backwards compatible if you use the high-level API) 🙂 I’ll be making minor internal changes (mostly for my own ability to maintain stuff), and also publishing a paper on the magicnonce suites before 1.0, but other than that you can reasonably expect this to almost be equivalent to the 1.0 stable release; I’m quite happy with where I got the bytes APIs to 🙂


I made a demo of Stack Editor, it's a new way of editing Clojure code, by managing and jump between functions. Now I can use it in my app. Hope someone is interested too. find me in #C1J4L2L0J if you want to discuss.


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