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Is the new feature for custom rendering of results documented somewhere? I might want to try if I can get vega charts to work that way


If you can't figure how to do something, please ask me, and I'll update the documentation 🙂


(documenting is hard 😄)

Mikael Andersson22:07:59

Documentation is hard, no doubt about that! If I run atom -d with an apm linked chlorine, the nodejs runtime only starts when I install the plugin, and chlorine gives me an error message about it missing when I try evaluating cljs. Restarting atom without uninstalling chlorine will not start a runtime. It's mostly a bit annoying to have to uninstall/install the plugin to get the plugin dev environment running. Hot loading obviously doesn't work either unless i uninstall - restart - install. Any ideas what could be wrong on my end?


Wait, what exacty are you trying to do? Are you trying to develop Chlorine on your machine?


When you say install, what do you mean in this case?

Mikael Andersson15:07:09

Sorry, didn't see your response for some reason. Yes, I am trying to develop chlorine, and "install" refers to clicking the install button on "Settings > Packages > Development Packages > Chlorine" The only way I get shadow-cljs and chlorine to connect is to "uninstall" chlorine -> stop atom -> apm link -d -> restart atom -> "install" chlorine.


Right, thanks. So, what I do to develop Chlorine is the following: 1. Enter on packages directory on Atom (on Linux, ~/.atom/packages, on windows, I believe is C:\Users\<your-user>\atom\packages) 2. Git clone 3. Rename the atom-chlorine folder to just chlorine 4. Inside chlorine, run scripts/setup (if on Windows, see how to rename the submodule from the to ) 5. npm install 6. npx shadow-cljs watch dev


Only then I fire up Atom


@UQRPN1XGW I never had any luck with these "Development Packages" inside Atom, so I don't know how to debug these issues 😅

Mikael Andersson18:07:51

That could explain a thing or two!

Mikael Andersson18:07:13

... always tried to run as a dev package. Let's see if that works, and if so, I'll try to trace the dev package loading to see what differs in the package startup/load. Though I find the shadow-cljs startup to be somewhat tricky to grasp, but that's a problem for later!


About Shadow-CLJS startup, by using the command npx shadow-cljs watch dev, you'll listen to the "dev" build


Then, after everything compiles, the Chlorine plug-in will be compiled and can be used


Then you can fire up Atom and run the Chlorine command "Connect Socket REPL". This will connect a Clojure REPL. By now, you can run "Connect Embedded", and that will start the ClojureScript REPL


(it's quite confusing, but that's the way ClojureScript works 😅)


By then, you can use Chlorine to develop itself, every save will auto-reload the plug-in, etc 🙂