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Dear Calva-friends: We've been working on a new evaluation result output window and it is time to let you help in testing it before we unleash it onto the marketplace. So, instead of printing evaluation results to the Calva says output pane, this build prints it to a ”regular” vscode file window. This has several advantages: • The output is syntax highlighted • Paredit is enabled in the window, making it easy to navigate and copy • The window is connected to the REPL making it an alternative to the REPL window for explorations. We have made it behave like a CLJC window, so with ClojureScript projects you can choose which REPL the file should be connected to (CLJ/CLJS). • Unlike the REPL window, the VIM extension will work in this window, to the extent it works in any editor window. In addition to this we now also print stack traces to this output window (when available) with clickable links to the file locations in the stack frames. Please help test this. Here's the VSIX:

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Cris B22:07:51

One minor comment - I didn't initially see the temp output file window and was briefly puzzled. Perhaps on first run (or on jack-in) you should focus it? I do have tabs disabled, which I guess is probably unusual - presumably with visible tabs the user would immediately see the new tab. In any case this seems like a good idea - I find the current output window annoyingly zealous about popping up over other windows.


Thanks for taking it for a spin!


Didn't know you could hide the tabs. But even if i do, the output file window shows up when I connect the repl. Can you record a gif or something showing what happens on your machine? Focusing the window feels a bit interruptive to me.

Cris B22:07:20

I'll see what I can do - since moving to Linux a while back I haven't done any screen recordings so will have to source some relevant software. At a minimum I'll have a play a bit later to see if I can narrow the case down a bit.


I've been using Peek on linux for screen recordings. Works well in my experience.

Cris B04:07:03

Thanks for the recommendation - just installed it & it looks clean & simple.

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Or use prose to try describe it a bit further. 😃