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Cognitect joins Nubank!

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Does Nubank have plans to make Datomic’s source code accessible? This article — — mentions that “Nubank is best served by the widespread use of Datomic at other companies. Datomic will continue to be developed as a commercially available, general-purpose database (as opposed to being pulled in-house or restricted)“. Making source available seems like good aid in that.

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Congratulations to all of the team! Well deserved.


Just remembering that if Datomic were open-source, this kind of lib[1] would allow Datomic to be available even more than now, to other communities, accelerating the revolution that we want to see regarding databases and data management. This can allow users of other languages, to use Crux as rich client, and as the readme says: “they gave up Datomic already” 1:


By the way, I was not talking about open sourcing datomic

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When you said about “make the Datomic source code accessible I think that you was talking about make it open-source @U47G49KHQ. Good to remark this point.

Toby Clemson19:07:14

Released cartus 0.1.10, a structured logging abstraction for logging data rich events with support for multiple logging backends:

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Toby Clemson19:07:11

Inspired in part by JUXT's blog post on logging:

Toby Clemson14:07:23

And now 0.1.12 with support for a null logger and additional arity on all level logging functions to allow for cases where there's no additional context available.