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Regarding the testing functionality, I now see a whole bunch of tests on the sidebar, which is nice 🙂


It would be nice when you do a command like "Run tests for current namespace" to clear the green checkmarks though, since the tests are now "pending". (Same for the gutter indicators)


If you could create an issue and tag @U0K592YDP that would be great.


As it is, I still have to open the REPL output and wait for the ; 11 tests finished, all passing :+1:, ns: 1, vars: 3 message


Hi! My Calva stopped aligning map key/value pairs since yesterday (it could be before but I noticed yesterday). When I hit ctrl+alt+l it seems like its aligning, however, when I save the file (I have format on save true in VSCode settings), the alignment is not applied. Also, pressing tab used to align map key/value pairs but it’s not aligning anymore.


I see it is mentioned that this feature is experimental. However, it was working with tab or saving file until yesterday.


Sounds like a regression with latest Calva. Please file an issue.


Can't believe you dare run with it on 😃 It behaves kinda crazy at times. ctrl+alt+l is much safer.


Right now there are no plans to fix the quirks. It's a lot of work. What is a better tag than ”Experimental”? > ”Quirky”?


I just noticed it is experimental. I have been trusting Calva to fix the alignment of map key/value pairs for months when I save a file.


Is there a way to roll back to an earlier version of Calva on VSCode?


Found it. 2.0.241 seems working as before


Do you use Calva to do this alignment, or are you also using Calva generally?


I mean, I use Calva generally for frontend code, and I thought it was normal to just cmd+s save a file and Calva aligns all the maps.


I was just checking. Didn't know you are a Calva users. Makes me happy!


Yeah, I’ve been convinced some months ago 😄. Although, I couldn’t make the switch for the backend yet.


What stops that?


I’ve tried once and spend couple hours to get my development environment work on Calva but couldn’t manage it. I remember there were some things that didn’t work when running the tests. It could also be that I couldn’t figure it out how 😄. Then, I didn’t have time to give it a go again.


It just works on Cursive and I leave it like that. We switched to Calva for frontend when we made the switch to Clojurescript, as it was a green field project. Also, other team members were familiar with VSCode but not with Intellij


Those things can eat a lot of time!


I hope I’ll have time one day to do that switch 😄


Can the problem be reproduced by the RealApp project, you think?


Do you mean the test problem?


Yes, the problem stopping Calva from working in your project.


I’m confused, sorry, just to clarify, are we talking about the problem with Calva fixing the map key/value pairs alignment, or the problem that I faced with tests when I tried the backend project?


If it’s the test problem with the backend, I don’t remember what it was, but It could also be something that I misconfigured. I can’t say it was a problem caused by Calva or not.


Sorry for confusing you. I'm talking about the test problem. You said it just works in Cursive, and that makes me think it is a Calva problem. Assuming that your project is a Polylith project, I was thinking it might be general for Polylith.


(For the align problem I hope you will file an issue.)


Yes, it is a Polylith project. I should probably try Calva with Realworld project and see if it is something specific to our setup or a generic issue.


Issue welcome about this one as well. Extra points for a public reproduction repository.


I won’t open an issue before I validate there is a problem with Calva 😄. I’ve opened an issue already for the map aligning.

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eccentric J20:02:21

Is there a paredit or calva command for unwrapping a form? Got used to working with that one a lot in emacs


Hi there! Thanks for creating the Calva logo. It makes such a huge difference for the product!

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Is it Splice Sexpr you're looking for, maybe?


I also find myself using Splice, killing backwards a lot.

eccentric J20:02:18

Awesome. Glad you like it and are continuing to support the project 😁 It's really come along way over the years.

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