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Quick question (to @wilkerlucio probably): Is also ready for production use, or should we stay away for now?


I suggest avoiding it, the problem is more about access control, so in the end its probably better to write manual resolvers to have a tight grip on it, this is how Fulcro users do with Datomic

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My regression tests pass with this snapshot. Every client query goes through a lenient mode phase followed by a strict mode phase (for silly, backward compatibility reasons). In the lenient mode, I expect a lot of the query attributes to be unresolvable. The result of the lenient mode query is massaged a little and then executed as a strict query. I do not expect any resolver to throw an exception. The upshot is that both phases of the query processing is working without a problem. I plan to start developing using this snapshot (and the new visualizer) and I'll see how exceptions are handled.