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Got some time in a few hours? Join the team as we chat about why we have total confidence that Clojurescript is the right choice for our company.

Jon Boone16:02:55

For those of us who don't do twitter, is there any alternative way to obtain the same information?

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oh i thought that was yesterday. i misread it


aw 😞 and i have to conduct an interview at the exact time


This is an all-star team! Woohoo

Nick McAvoy17:02:00

Wow, I really wish I could catch this, but I can't. Will it be recorded?


I liked the format and all are great speakers, so it was a joy to listen to

fogus (Clojure Team)19:02:16

Argh! I missed this. 😞


It was recorded and is available on Twitter and we have a copy of the recording and we are considering releasing as a podcast. :)

fogus (Clojure Team)16:03:34

anything that can feed my podcast fix is fine by me. 🙂