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My partner & I will be in the UK next month and we're planning to go to Cornwall -- because neither of us has ever been to Tintagel. Any other "must-sees" down in that area? We're also thinking of visiting Bath since neither of us has been there either. This is partly to avoid spending time at my mum's place because her husband is so paranoid about COVID he doesn't really want us to come to visit at all (he won't see his own family right now).


I was at Cornwall two years ago, you can't go wrong with any of the places down there, near the sea - but I do like visiting St. Ives, Penzanze, Torquay.


You can check out the minack theatre (


And of course, if you're down that far, you can visit Lands End (which is a weird place, they built an "mini enterainment centre near the famous pole). It's free to get in, but if you want your photo beside the poll, only the approved photographer can do it


Nothing stopping people from standing near where the pole is and having your selfie there.


Hi Sean 👋 Padstow is nice too. You can park near the lobster hatchery and walk to the harbour easily. They do lots of boat tours from there. I'm not sure on the time of year, but you might be able to catch a boat out to see the puffins.


i spent an excellent few days on st. agnes, one of the isles of scilly, a few years ago - quite a journey to get there, (helicopter to st. mary's and then a magnificently rough sea crossing to st.agnes), but the wild isolation on the island was phenomenal

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ahh tintagel is cool


make sure you go to mousehole


bath is worth a look for sure if you're in the west country


maybe visit glastonbury & the tor as well


I’d second Glastonbury, Padstow, Torquay. Also enjoyed Goliath waterfalls, Bodmin Moor, and a drive over Exmoor.


Thank you for the flurry of suggestions! We're familiar with Glastonbury -- our first wedding (of five so far) was at the top of Glastonbury Tor, on the Winter Solstice in 1999, under a full moon (which doesn't all align very often). Mousehole is a good suggestion too, thanks. Although that (and many other places mentioned are further down than Tintagel so I'm not sure how much time we'll end up having -- maybe we'll forego Bath on this trip in favor of more of Cornwall).


(we're really coming over for a cat show in Leatherhead the weekend of 19th/20th -- we were planning to spend time with mum but now we're going to be tourists and visit friends instead, including some friends in London)


Good Morning


Back to manifold streams and NATS. The thought of making an API felt all wrong.


here's our (not very well factored, it's on my list) streams wrapper, which adds error propagation - ... NATS is brilliant too - does what it says on the tin, and never causes problems

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@mccraigmccraig did teach me very well at the time, my brain just wasn’t ready. My loss.