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Here is an early alpha preview of a test runner, featuring: • live progress reporting • unified output that tracks assertions (red/green) and prints (grey) in a test context • easy test selection (include/exclude filters) ...a lot of stuff is yet TBD


I wonder if integration with external runners, like kaocha would be possible?


not really, it's an alternative runner that needs to run tests in a certain way for UI to be able to live-report


what kind of kaocha integration do you have in mind?


Well, kaocha itself was created to be a rather flexible test runner with plugins etc. and I really like that its only focus is to do this one thing reasonably well. Among others it can discover all sorts of tests other than clojure.test ones, and even this property of it is extensible with plugins. For example, there is one plugin that looks at your source and if it discovers a function that has a function spec, it will run generative tests against it. Its pluggability makes it really nice to use with CI, we use it too. And given that it's out there and its focus is on discovering and running tests, I would most likely use it if I were to work on something that primarily focuses on something else, like visualizing stuff.


And on the user side if I rely on more exotic tests discovered by kaocha in ci, a tool that doesn't discover all of those locally can only be partially useful for running tests


Just an idea though, I'm not sure what your plans are with this


I made pretty much to the polylith folks some time ago but it hasn't been adopted (yet?) so I might be alone with this idea