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I’m pretty new to Clojure and forgive me if this is a noob question...but I'm getting pretty frustrated at a difference in behavior between lein repl and the Calva REPL. Specifically I am experimenting with @dj942’s nathell/skyscraper package and core/scrape returns normally in the lein repl , but hangs the Calva REPL. Anyone have a tip that will help me out?


Thanks for the heads-up! I normally use CIDER, but will try Calva on Skyscraper in the next few days. It probably has to do with core.async


Thank you @dj942! I’m having fun with skyscraper and learning a lot in the process. I’ve added a parse-hickory to my project last night and am finding Hickory is good to work with. Thanks for making this package!

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@nathan.probst, I haven’t tried the skyscraper thing myself yet, but it doesn’t surprise me that Calva’s REPL falls a bit short. It is a bit clunky and not quite as solid as I wish it was. I’ll try to find some time testing this particular case myself, and maybe I can come up with some tips. Depending on the setup you could get away some by running lein repl :connect from the VS Code terminal after jack-in.


Thanks @pez. I’ll manage. You’ve done amazing work with Calva...and I understand the stage of maturity it is at. Still happy to have a VSCode solution for Clojure!

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Tamizhvendan S08:05:12

Hi @pez, I was playing with GitPod and tried to setup a clojure workspace there. I am getting the following error. While starting the REPL separately and trying to connect , I am getting

Aborting connect, error determining connect sequence

Tamizhvendan S08:05:12

Looks like Editor is not full complaint with VS Code and I guess some internal API that Calva is using is not supported by Theia editor yet.


@tamizh88 yes, it doesn’t work with Theia/Gitpid yet..


I got derailed when trying to figure out why.

Tamizhvendan S08:05:16

Thanks @pez for the quick response. If we know why it is breaking then we can report back to the Theia/GitPod team. BTW, I tried with visual:clojure plugin and the REPL worked !


Let me see if I can find the forum post where I asked for help. I got some feedback there, that might help getting this further.

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I suspect there could be a problem with our REPL connection still, but I haven’t found away to verify that yet, because things croak before that 😃


It is all extremely frustrating, because it so aaaalmosssst works.

Tamizhvendan S08:05:37

I understand the frustration 🙂 Thanks again for the prompt response. I was trying this setup for a hands-on session in a local-meetup. Let me figure out an alternative!


I dropped the ball on this one, and should pick it up again.


We had a meetup over zoom a while ago and I shared my screen. It worked pretty well. If people are instructed to prepare with installing java, lein/clojure, VS Code and Calva, maybe enough of them will do and there will be participants that can share their screens.


Of course, it might call for a payed Zoom account.

Tamizhvendan S08:05:52

Thanks @pez I will consider this as well 🙂