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good morning


mogge 😼

Ben Hammond08:05:31

haha I recently joined Kotlin Slack its amazing how much cheerier this place is than there....


I’m there too 🙂


Which channels are you hanging out on?


#functional and #server represent


Though frankly it is not super useful as Slacks go


I'm on the #spring and #coroutines and #intellij channels mostly 🙂


how well Kotlin works with Spring Boot?


There’s an #intellij channel? Ahh, in Kotlin Slack… 😳


Aleksander - perfect fit. We use Spring Boot and Kotlin at work, a lot, i.e., nearly 99% of our production code is now Kotlin and Spring Boot (with my bit of Clojure thrown into the mix).


It's intesting too, that the Spring Framework itself is treating Kotlin as a first-class citizen.


The Spring Framework provides first-class support for Kotlin and lets developers write Kotlin applications almost as if the Spring Framework was a native Kotlin framework.

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Ben Hammond09:05:20

is there a sense that Kotlin has become what groovy++ always wanted to be

Ben Hammond09:05:21

and with a much more Google-friendly name


Is that because kotlin developers are happier?

Ben Hammond15:05:20

I certainly enjoy having a debugger that works more reliably

Ben Hammond15:05:04

Repl support doesn't seem as good though

Ben Hammond15:05:30

I do like a bit of strong typing too


a proper HM-style statically checked lisp would be an awesome thing


i was sad when lux went off the rails


@mccraigmccraig what happened to lux?


when it tried to be all things?


@minimal it seems to have been stalled for quite a long time... probably as a result of trying to be all the things


it did look a bit out there the last thing I saw him propose


quite a lot of a bit 😬

Ben Hammond16:05:17

meh my Maltron keyboard seems to have died not impressed

Ben Hammond16:05:27

what do you guys use for keyboards? Cherry MX Brown or Blue? Or Red?


Cherry browns on a Filco Ninja. Excellent keyboard, but I work at home so there's nobody to complain about the clacking.🙂


hako royal clears with kailh box yellow for the mods, box royal for enter and halo true for space, kailh speed copper for backspace and esc

Ben Hammond16:05:15

I know dominicm swears by his Ergodox EZ (did I remember that correctly?)

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Ben Hammond16:05:31

maybe I should give that a try next....


I use cherry browns


on a das keyboard


I used to have blues - but got complaints at the office...


but now that I'm wfh, perhaps I should dust it off

Ben Hammond17:05:51

there's browns on the keyboard-that-just-broke, but I find them too easy to double-press

Ben Hammond17:05:09

guess I've just got heavy fingers


i like my 2015 macbook-pro keyboard 😬

picard-facepalm 8
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Ben Hammond17:05:02

doesn't it feel like you're stubbing your fingers all the time

Ben Hammond17:05:06

not enough travel

Ben Hammond17:05:10

(or perhaps I'm confusing it with a different year...)

Ben Hammond17:05:29

I've got a 2010 MBP, which I still quite like,

Ben Hammond17:05:45

but I've heard much good stuff about them recently

Ben Hammond17:05:59

DVD playing - still a killer feature


2015 is before they made a mess of it... there's enough travel to require a positive action, but not too much - and i gather the latest models have a sorted keyboard again


I have browns on my ergo, but I tried clears and preferred


Hello everyone…. Quick question, as my Google-Fu is failing me…. Has anyone built a Docker Container, which they are prepared to share or share the Dockerfile for, for use with in order to do live preview of Cryogen websites..>?


Not heard of before, but this v cool =)… I use cryogen myself and was thinking of using it four our company blog, forestry as an approach sounds great, please let me know if you move forward on this =)…


The only thing I could find was this: Not 100% certain it’s cryogen blog, but I think so?


Hi @U0JUM502E 🙂 I ended up building my own, and it works! Sadly though, does not / cannot support Clojure “Front Matter” so the Clojure Maps we use at the top of Cryogen Docs can’t be configured into as templates and their editor TOTALLY fucks up the Clojure map at the top of the page. As such I could get it all working but only use the raw editor with no content / non-tech friendly interface for non-programmers and hence my hopes to use it for work are dashed until I can find the time to fork Cryogen to use YAML Front Matter instead of Clojure Front Matter, and now I say that I see how mad it sounds…


Oh dear…


Anyway, if you wanted to look at my Docker container - ’cos you could use it locally if you can solve the inode / Docker Volumes issue for your editing toolchain, it’s here:


It’s linked on the page, but the Public Github repo that drives the Container is here:


It’s all hooked up on Docker Hub so that new versions of Cryogen can be built by sending a blank commit to Github


Then on your local machine you’d run it like this: docker run -v [path/to/your/cryogen/site/root]:/opt/gensite -w /opt/gensite -p 8080:8080 cryogen-docker:latest lein ring server-headless 8080


it’s set to run on 8080 in that example ’cos needs that to be the exposed port


you can leave 8080 of the end and replace the -p 8080:8080 with -p 3000:3000 if you want standard


Like I said above, if your operating system alters the inode of the file you are editing, i.e. by saving a new one and replacing, in the way Linux and macOS do by default (at least with everything I’ve tried, including nano, so don’t believe what you read on the internet per se) then your files won’t update inside the container, making this whole thing fairly useless unless you like stopping and starting Docker containers…


I might be totally off the mark, but is this the issue?


It’s the other way around, but in both a cases you want to write to the underlying file?


Hold on I will read the article…


I’ve not used docker that much >_<…


I don’t think that this changes anything, the -v … option on the command line should create a mount that binds a host location into the container. The problem is that if you edit a file in that folder, in place, the inode of the file changes and Docker sees that as a security risk so it stays faithful to the old version of the file.


if you stop and start the container you get the new file


I remember, a few years back, a colleague at the BBC “solved” this, as in found a workaround, but I can’t remember how to do it.


Ah, that’s frustrating


It is, aye…. I’ll let you know if I figure it out…


Is there some way to do this with github actions? Just wondering…


IE, commit a forestry thing, then run an action to convert it? It’s a little bit roundabout, but for a first pass implementation it’s not too awful…


I am basically trying to avoid the time-sink of making my own if there is one out there, but I accept that I may need to make my own…