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Vincent Cantin03:05:05

I made a small library, inspired by Spec and Malli. For now it only validates data, more features will be added later. Features: • no macro, no static registry, pure functions. • fully data driven, models are hash-map based, • support recursive definitions, sequence regex, • relatively simple implementation, very short to read (about 100 lines of code) • helpers functions to create the hash-map models painlessly, • cross platform (.cljc) Non features: • does not integrate with anything else, • does not try hard to be performant, • no roadmap or timeline: I made this library mainly for my own usage, and I take my time. Feedback welcome in a thread.

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nice! what was the main driver to author it?

Vincent Cantin02:05:49

For a project, I needed something easier to use than Spec, data driven, that support recursive definitions and sequence regex .. and none was currently available with all those criteria, so I made my own.

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Conjure v3.1.0 is out! a bunch of things added and fixed, enjoy!

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