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+1 on compensation for @pez. The debug feature of cider (or it's sucessor) comes to mind. Some sort of rudementary data visualization (aka datawalk level - text-based)


getting function arguments to display


+n on compensation for @pez!


I think the top of my list would be a way to interrupt long-running processes and, especially, a way to see the values of locals up and down the stack either when you interrupt execution or when you hit an exception. This ability to see locals on error/break is the main thing I miss from my days as a Common Lisper -- it's stupendously useful, IMHO more useful than any other tracing or debugging feature, and built into the language itself in Common Lisp. But my understanding is that in the Clojure universe it is possible but has to be done in tooling, and I've only ever heard of it being done in some emacs-based setups. If this can be added to Calva then it will not only be the most generally usable Clojure IDE, which I think it already is, but also offer a killer feature that's basically unavailable elsewhere. (Though it was everywhere in Common Lisp since the 80s 😩.)


I have a few other pet rough-edge issues, e.g. showing arglists along with documentation in autocomplete popups and not being so aggressive with paredit in the new REPL window, but in terms of big enhancements that would attract excitement and funding, I'd go for interruption and especially viewing locals on interrupt/exception.


As a side-note, anything feature added to Calva by implementing it in Orchard would be a big plus IMO.


Thanks for the input and the cheering ons!


@lspector, I think Cursive might have some of that inspection of locals that you are wishing for. Not at all sure about it, though. It does seem like a worthy thing to aim for should the project get funding. Maybe @saikyun has some idea on how it could be achieved?


@slipset, is that for all your emacs key bindings, or some of them?


Not sure. Am away from computer right now, but will let you know, probably later tonight. I’ll do my job and file an issue for it :)


Cool. The REPL window is a cause for grief, really. It's only half finished, and more of a full project of its own. I don't have the time to pick up the skills necessary to maintain it... It's a bad feeling not having a good plan yet, but I'll get there.


Thanks @pez re: the Cursive pointer -- I half remembered hearing about some progress on that front there recently. But IMNSHO Calva wins on overall usability for beginners while still supporting advanced work, so it's here that I'd most want to see this feature


Yes. I was not suggesting you should switch from Calva. 😀


Is it a known issue that REPL window has it own paredit rules and ignores editor's hotkeys?


Right now if i somehow get ((a-call arg)) there is now way to unwrap it.


ctrl+alt+s works for me, not for you?