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could someone help with this? i am trying to do this but with figwheel main template and i did clj -A:fig:min to do advanced build but when i open index.html i get nothing. Do i miss config for advanced build? am i wrong in thinking that once i advance build it i should be able to just open index.html and see the app?

Daniel Hines22:07:17

Can anyone recommend a good intro to cljs for JS devs?

Daniel Hines22:07:17

I started with Clojure for the Brave and true, but I want to avoid the JVM as much as possible - it's a definite stumbling block for my coworkers.

Daniel Hines22:07:03

Many guides use Lein and Figwheel, but Shadow is definitely much easier.


Anyone wanna be my programming partner on a new project from scratch?


@its.ramzi What's the project?


Graph drawing. Nodes. Edges. HTML. CSS. Embed Youtube. Embed pages.