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can you elaborate on what is meant in the API document as "corrections"?


as in: Returns the transaction history of an entity, ordered by valid time / transaction time in chronological order, earliest first. Includes corrections, but does not include the actual documents.


Corrections here refers to returning the content hash of the documents


Oh, I suppose "corrections" is a fairly general word for retroactive updates to an entity. We are working on a glossary which should help 🙂


is this to say, for a given document id, you would see all the shas that the document was at those points in time? Aka that would be a entry into getting the specific older versions via (document ...)


@U19EVCEBV yes I think that description is accurate. There's arguably room for a higher level API that combines the two stages of retrieval, especially for when going over HTTP


We just released 19.07-1.3.0-alpha which has a breaking change due to eliminating use of the word "system" in favour of "node", so everyone will have to change things like start-standalone-system to be start-standalone-node (sorry!). Also included is crux-jdbc, which is the beginnings of a fully featured JDBC backend (for use in place of Kafka, when Kafka isn't an option). Have fun!

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assume you mean standalone-node not standalong node?

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