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Christian Johansen10:07:12

I'm making responsive adjustments and would like to run figwheel in two browsers concurrently. However, it seems that only the browser that last had focus gets updates from figwheel, the other one seems to stop updating - requiring a hard refresh to start updating (at which point the other browser stops). Do I have to configure this somehow? Is it browser-related? I'm in Chrome, but could use others as well.

Christian Johansen13:07:48

it did actually work for a little while here, but one of the browsers seem to disconnect very easily. would love some insight into what's causing this - I suspect it has something to do with browsers over zealously deprioritizing background work?


This was figwheel's previous behaviour, and IIRC figwheel-main has a broadcast setting somewhere to re-enable it


@U9MKYDN4Q I had the same issue when connecting with multiple devices to same figwheel instance. Only the last device was receiving the updates. Didn't try in the last months. Maybe sth changed. Try this --

Christian Johansen07:07:44

It seems to work now, even if I didn't change anything. I think it works, but is perhaps a bit flaky, possibly due to aggressive background deprioritization by the browsers? If I interact with both clients on a regular-ish basis, they both stay up to date


Hi i am using figwheel template and i did clj -A:fig:min to do advanced build but when i open index.html i get <proj>resources/public/cljs-out/dev-main.js net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND


why is this?


i am actually trying to do this but with figwheel main template