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I’m trying out datomic cloud and I’m pretty new to this kind of stuff. Tried to launch to eu-west-1, but failed. After digging around I discovered the compute ami in solo-compute-template-8772-480-ci.template is invalid. Decided to launch to eu-central-1 because it’s ami mapping seems correct, but thought I should also report this. Any idea where these kind of reports should go to?


We have filed a support ticket with AWS regarding that issue @koivistoinen.tuomas

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I’m using Ions and Datomic Cloud. I would like to understand how many requests I can handle per second. Is the clojure web app I expose as an ion a single process? Will it be threaded in some way? Can I configure this behavior?

Joe Lane18:07:59

That depends entirely upon what those requests do.


A request may do a 10s job, so trying to understand if that will block the entire API I am exposing.