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Hi 👋 I am trying to build my project with boot on GitHub actions. Has anybody successfully achieved this? I tried it manually, as well as with the “DeLaGuardo/[email protected]” action, but when I run boot test, the pipeline always states java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: _No such task (test)_ . When I am running boot test locally, everything works. Unfortunately the repository is not public, what would be a good way of debugging this? I have also tried to find other GitHub Repositories using the DeLaGuardo action, but the few that use boot also have failing pipelines.


This is the action file I created


And the build.boot file has the default setup with (require '[adzerk.boot-test :refer [test]]). Maybe this would also be a good addition to the boot wiki, there are proven build setups for CircleCI and TravisCI already in there.


Just after pasting this, I realized, that I forgot a step to check out my repository. No wonder, the task could not be found :woman-facepalming:. Sorry for that.

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