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@nha you might want to switch to multi-step docker images


but I dont see a problem with boot there


Noted thanks. I think I will just have to pay the price of redownloading deps for now as I don't see another option to try right now.


@nha your docker file isnt able to cache because it’s a single giant container, breaking it up will speed up your builds, but you will need to be clever in terms of what you do in each step to limit the number of changes docker detects


usually I have 3 steps in a container, first one is the base image where I make all the OS changes, then another step that does my boot things, and then finally a fresh step that only includes the prod runtime (usually nodejs) and my compiled app


Yes I am aware of the weight of it. It shouldn’t have an impact on the .m2 though (which is what really adds up CI time in my case). Nice guideline re 3-steps though, and there is definitely some fat to cut in mine