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Has (comment) been discussed before? In some of my files, I'm starting to put a big (comment ......) block at the end, so I can eval things quickly and try out a few experiments. With parinfer(-rust - for vim) enabled (and set to paren), the closing parentheses wants to always collapse to the end of the comment block, closing in any newlines, so I can't type (comment <cr><cr><cr>....half a dozen more <cr>'s) to give myself space within the comment block to try things out. I was wondering if there perhaps is a way to disable removing the newline spacing and give me a nice big block of space to work in 🙂

Oliver Marshall08:06:59

Personally, I just put [] at the end of the comment as a sort of "door stop"

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Perhaps one for the parinfer-rust implementor, but in some IDEs you can mark a block as something like // formatter:off and then // formatter:on and anything within that block won't be reformatted


It's usually useful to have stuff in comment blocks formatted by parinfer though.


could be something like ;; lint:off and ;; lint:on


just thinking