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Would it be possible to get clojuredocs support in cljs files? I know there's no 100% parity between Clojure and Clojurescript, but it will be nice to have it for common functions.


@roklenarcic What that means is that you’re using an nREPL connection with a REPL designed to be used as a streaming one, i.e. reading from stdin. What that means in Cursive terms is that you’re probably choosing an nREPL REPL type instead of clojure.main. If you do want to use nREPL with CLJS (which works better with Cursive) then you need to set up piggieback and use that.


ok thanks cflemming

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:06:54

Since a while ago my REPL/Cursive "freezes" when I run "Switch REPL NS to current file" for +- 5s - when I type in the REPL input window, nothing happens, when I want to move the cursor using arrows in the source file, nothing happens... . Anybody else has experienced this? IntelliJ 2019.1.2, OSX. Could be due to a recent IntelliJ or Cursive update. Running manually (in-ns ..) in the REPL is OK.

Ivar Refsdal14:06:51

@holyjak Not having this issue here. IntelliJ 2019.1.3, Cursive v1.8.2-eap4-2019.1, Linux

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Kari Marttila18:06:09

Are there somewhere good color schemes for Clojure for IntelliJ. I kind of like Emacs Clojure mode color scheme and I'd like to configure the same color scheme for IntelliJ for Clojure - to have the same look and feel. Or where do I see the actual color mappings in Emacs Clojure mode (tried to find them in the eLisp source code but couldn't find them there)?

Kari Marttila19:06:45

Is there some Cursive keymap command that would kill the S-expression around the cursor? E.g. if I have

(def my-keys (map keyword my-header))
in my editor and my cursor is inside the inner S-expression somewhere (e.g. after the "k" in "keyword"), then giving that shortcut key command would kill the whole S-expression (i.e.
(map keyword my-header)
) leaving:
(def my-keys )
... and
(map keyword my-header)
would be in clipboard.


@kari.marttila I'm not sure if you can do it exactly like that, but you could "Move backward out of Sexp" then go for the kill


oh, looks like you can record a macro that does both, then assign it

Kari Marttila20:06:33

Ok. But there is no ready paredit command, I guess?

Kari Marttila20:06:00

This is no big deal, I was just wondering if there is such a paredit command...


@holyjak I haven’t experienced that, or received any reports of anyone else getting that either.


If it continues to happen let me know and we can try to diagnose it.

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@kari.marttila No, there’s no command that will do that in one go.


I have some huge items in my REPL history that cause IntelliJ to slow to a halt when bringing up the REPL history window. Is there a way to clear the REPL history?


@kenny Ugh, sorry, no, I think there’s an issue about that. As a workaround, you could quit IntelliJ, delete .idea/replstate.xml from your project and then restart.


I don't see a replstate.xml file.


Oh, maybe it only gets created when the REPL is exited?


Possibly, and IntelliJ will cache the data in memory and just write it periodically, which is why you have to exit.