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Can someone help me with loading a linter via profile.boot? I've got code which works within a build.boot, but when I try and shift that into profile.boot I get a load of FileNotFound exceptions for some of the classes used


what are you trying to do exactly? i had a setup going for a while where i pulled in a library (boot-ancient) and :refer'd in the task, and that worked pretty well to the point that i was able to run boot ancient anywhere and the task was available to me without having to pull in the dependency and refer in the task


so i can confirm that that works


I'm trying to load within profile.boot so that I can lint my code without requiring all of the that are written by myself and loads of others to include it


does your profile.boot contain something like this?

(set-env! :dependencies '[[tolitius/boot-check "0.1.8"]])

(require '[tolitius.boot-check :refer (with-yagni with-eastwood ... whatever tasks you need)])


I think I worked out what was needed. Sort of. If my build.boot did a conj for the dependencies instead of an overwrite of whatever was already there then things work as expected. But that again requires me to get everyone else to accept a change to their build.boot files because of the way I want to work (and might cause other odd issues anyway), which I was hoping to avoid.


I've not set non-standard paths for my m2 repository or anything, so I don't understand why it's not acting in the same way


Hello, I am developing a web app with rest services using mounts defstate. My workflow is I have a dev task that starts the server and a cljs-repl. I then connect via cider through emacs. Right now I have to manually load my namespace to start the different states. Is there a way to incorporate this into a task so that my state inits when i run the dev task?


does boot have anything equivalent to npm install --save for putting deps into project.clj?


-d --dependencies SYM:VER Add dependency to project (eg. -d foo/bar:1.2.3) ?