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hi, quick question, luminus projects are using struct as the default validation approach. Anyone have pros/cons on using it vs spec. I know ‘user friendly messages’ is at least one of the spec issues


@U380J7PAQ I was about to ask the same question. did you find anything about it?


@kaosko should i file a bug report for this? basically, when i create a brand new project using lein new luminus demo +re-frame, then add resources/externs.js, the uberjar build fails to produce a functional app.js. and this is the recommended way of doing it in the [luminus docs](


@kaosko i forgot to mention that the build is bad whether or not i add resources/externs.js to the :externs section of the uberjar config


@kaosko i just noticed now in the build output that lein actually complains if you name the file externs.js. the error message is:

WARNING: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
ERROR: JSC_DUPLICATE_EXTERN_INPUT. Duplicate extern input: /Users/fhsu/reference/buggy/resources/externs.js at (unknown source) line (unknown line) : (unknown column)


the error message goes away if you rename externs.js to something else


@feihong.hsu perhaps resources/externs.js is the output for source externs. mine is at :externs ["resources/public/js/externs.js" "react/externs/react.js"] and works fine


Yeah I the compiler doesn't handle having multiple externs with the same name gracefully, and looks like there's a dependency that has externs.js


As a note, cljs compiler can do externs inference now as well, so you might be able to just use that


As a rule I tend to use the actual js library as the extern, instead of writing them by hand