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I have an application that's using Datomic, and I want to add traffic analytics. Is Datomic a good fit for writing traffic events, or should I use, say, Kafka instead?


@joelsanchez I would use something more like Kafka for raw events; you can use Datomic for aggregations/reports/etc, but is likely not a great fit for raw event stream data


@marshall thought so, thanks!


hi, anyone know what might be causing this error:

Embedded stack arn:aws:cloudformation:us-west-...
 was not successfully created: The following resource(s) failed to 
create: [StorageGetSystemNameRole].


@octo221 Can you look in the failed Storage Stack for the error that caused the failure


(not the master stack)


ok thanks - will check...


Hey guys, I'm thinking about basing off Datomic when bootstrapping a new project soon. Would you recommend actually developing my app against the cloud instance? or would it be a bad idea to do that and I should rather have a local install when developing the core of the new project, which is intended to run against Datomic cloud? Would be extra nice not fiddling a local install (especially if the online service may not be at version parity with any local install!)


@matan I love developing against Cloud only, and being out of the “run servers” business