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Pure cljs on both client and server, using macchiato framework in server side and keechma on client side. Server side is very light, basically just the code you published previously, modified a little to use shadow-cljs.


Because of the requirements of the project I'm working on, I've been trying to get the size of dependent libraries as small as possible. I noticed that you use cuerdas library in the router project, but just for the starts-with? function, which is also provided by clojure.string. Cuerdas is a pretty heavy library due to the use of xregexp which can't be optimized away (adds about 75.68 KB optimized). I know my use-case isn't really the intended use-case for keechma, but just thought I'd let you know that you can save about 75kb from the final filesize if you remove the dependency on cuerdas, which isn't currently used in any case (or at least not as far as I can see).


I've just vendored in the router project into my project and removed the cuerdas reference, so not a big problem for me.


@mjmeintjes Sounds good, I’ll do an update to the router