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So what do we think of PREPL so far?


My opinion is: - It solves a problem - That problem was already solved by unrepl in a better way - Unrepl provides more very important features e.g. dynamic classpath loading & completion


prepl will need to grow far more in order to impress me


Having two repls makes things worse in a way, because you now need to target both prepl and socket if you're a client. Because some people will still want to use socket repl.


I share the same feeling @dominicm


Also, why did he put prepl in the core namespace making every app startup even slower and not a sub namespace where only tooling that needed it could reference it?


it's not in the core namespace @mikeb... and it doesn't really slow things down to load a few more functions


Ah missed that second file for prepl var on my phone, but it did add a bit to core. Still a few vars here, a few more there and it adds up and it's already an issue.