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Some improvements to babashka/process 0.0.2: Tokenization: Example: (sh "ls -la") Note: automatic parsing of arg strings :extra-env option:


@nha one quick way to get started with kubernetes is to wrap kubectl doing something like

(require '[ :refer [sh]])
(-> (sh "kubectl" "get" "pod" "--all-namespaces" "-o" "json")
    (json/parse-string true)


right, I know that’s an option, I was hoping to avoid shell wrapping but maybe that’s the easiest 😄


Yup, I have a wrapper around kubectl that helps cut down the verbosity of it. Works very well.


I've also wanted to generate k8s yaml via bb code, but that hasn't materialized yet.


right, there is verbosity but also potential state that’s in there too right? Like, login/which cluster is the default at the moment etc.


Better than plain bash for sure though I am considering bb + bash vs going with the java client


There is but it has some deps that are not part of babashka so you would need to create a babashka pod for it or just use a full clojure repl. It's also possible to use curl to interact with the api. btw, you can use kubectl to switch contexts in your script. Lots of choice here. But l agree with nate that bb with kubectl is surprisingly usable so it may be all you'll need for quick scripts.

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Thanks everyone, interesting feedback and pointers here 😄


Made some updates to the bb task runner (WIP). Documentation updated: Discuss: Play around: #babashka-circleci-builds (bb.edn branch binaries)


I was able to port antq's Makefile to bb.edn's new task runner:

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