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cool. But yours obviously doesn’t topologically sort the tasks and does them whether or not they need to be done. I wonder if there could be a simple way to do that in BB


Basically, yeah if your Makefile is just a bunch of tasks, bb tasks might be a lot nicer. If your makefile is used to articulate dependencies, then bb has some work to do to catch up 😉


@grazfather Correct. This Makefile didn’t really leverage that

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Ostensibly it did, but if you look closer, it doesn’t


A quick question and apologies if this has been answered somewhere already. What is the best ad-hoc script development environment for babashka? vscode? atom? cursive? I currently use cursive for my clojure needs. I’m hoping for a flow where I can just fire up an editor/ide with an ad hoc bb script file, start a repl against bb without too much ceremony and ideally get things like completion. I realize this is opinion based. Also, I’m probably not going to teach myself emacs for this task : )


I think you might also be able to connect to the babashka nrepl server from cursive, it's at least worth a shot


@mbjarland babashka has an nREPL server, you can start it with bb --nrepl-server and then connect to it from e.g. Calva


There are more improvements coming to make the experience in Calva even better with the nrepl server


I’m not that familiar with calva, can calva start that repl process or do I need to go to the terminal and start it separately?


For babashka you need to start it separately like the way I described


ok thank you @borkdude much appreciated. I will take a look at calva - makes you wonder if you are perhaps a bot, you are always present : )


I've considered creating a jack-in to babashka in Calva. Might still happen, but it is already super easy to just start the server and connect.

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@mbjarland There has been an improvement to nrepl support: when hovering var names, you will now see arglists/docstrings, etc. Thanks to @brdloush Binaries for testing are available in #babashka-circleci-builds