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dominicm10:03:06 ran into this on the latest cli. I can't figure out how I repro'd it initially, but I cannot now. Bit confused. Putting it in the "record" in cae it comes up again.


@dominicm Were you testing against prerelease versions at any time recently? There were some glitches in the new git implementation that could bork local ~/.gitlibs in some situations. Several of us testing against those versions had to rm -rf ~/.gitlibs` to fix it.


(I think everyone who went from stable to stable, without testing any prerelease versions, was OK?)


@seancorfield nope, I went straight to 814.


It was possible to get this on the old stable, I think due to concurrent downloads (I never reproed it)


I believe it should be harder for that to occur in new impl


I'm sure you'll be glad when you find a stable repro :D


I did try to make it happen in the new version and could not