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OK, well the response was crickets chirping in the nightime.


Thanks for creating the issue. The questions in the slack aren't as pro-actively responded to as github issue. In my experience those are handled pretty well


I think it is a long haul for them to implement the full foreign function pathway but I know it performs really well and if they did it could change the nature of graal native in some ways as it directly counteracts the 'closed world' assumptions that a lot of the system was built around. It will be really interesting to see their response.

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Seems unlikely to be considered seriously before foreign linker stuff moves out of incubator status


I agree completely; I am sort of just rattling cages at this point with no expectations. Adding a vote for it to be considered especially when in earlier conversations on that channel a few of the higher level graalvm people said they aren't familiar with the foreign API I think is a smart move for a few reasons.