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Ian Fernandez17:07:05

hello, to use pods I have to install and use the latest babahska version?

Ian Fernandez17:07:31

i've tried clojure -Spath -Sdeps '{pod-babashka-etaoin {:git/url "" :sha "96789d7f3bcc9d7359677ce746d306cd5609c371"}}'

Ian Fernandez17:07:50

before rlwrap bb

Ian Fernandez17:07:11

user=> (require '[babashka.pods :as pods])
user=> (pods/load-pod "./pod-babashka-etaoin") Cannot run program "./pod-babashka-etaoin": error=2, No such file or directory [at line 3, column 1]


@d.ian.b There are two things off here. With -Sdeps you still have to write {:deps ... }. The other issue is that pods aren't normal classpath dependencies, but binaries you have to download separately.

Ian Fernandez17:07:41

yeah, thanks 😃

Ian Fernandez17:07:23

I use Arch Linux, got some tip or I have to package the pods?


On Linux you can install this specific pod with linuxbrew. The other option is to manually download it from Github releases and put it on your path.

Ian Fernandez17:07:37

hum :thinking_face:


heya @borkdude, I found a little oddity today and created a github issue for it:


Yes, I noticed it and just responded. Thanks for reporting


Coolio! I’ll give it a whirl sometime tomorrow!