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I feel like Clojure is used a lot for fintech. Is this a correct assessment? If yes, is it mostly because of Datomic, or mostly because of Clojure itself?


Amongst all the babble and nonsense in the latest Defn podcast, Mia has some thoughts on that. BTW I love the babble and the nonsense.

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Neil Ashton12:07:15

Huh. I have that same sense about statically typed functional languages, but I didn’t have that same impression about Clojure. Interesting, if you’re right.


Out of curiosity I did a google search of clojure jobs plus fintech. The following list of companies is the result:


the list is probably out of date or just plain out wrong... for instance, a company is listed there if they ever listed a job ad with the keyword "Clojure", even if they don't really use clojure on their stack... I expect some of those to be dead companies or have "pivoted" to something other than fintech. Or perhaps I copy-pasted the wrong link, who knows 😛


but some of them do sound familiar

Mario C.17:07:22

Can confirm for pennymac 😁


Nubank with more than 500 clojurians and growing

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I had a chance to talk with the CTO of Nubank couple of years ago at DCD. They did exactly what you describe - Datomic was the tech choice, Clojure naturally followed from that. Can't tell for the rest :)


A lot of fintech is sending/receiving/transforming messages of varying tedious financial formats, which maps very nicely to Clojure's data-first ideology

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