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Guaranteed Rate is hiring! We are FinTech Clojure/Clojurescript shop looking for experienced engineers that are om working in an unorthodox organizational structure (our teams don’t have traditional people managers), mature DevOps, teams owning their products from inception to operation, self-service vast majority of infrastructure needs with about 70 engineers so far (and growing quickly). The company has around 6000 employees, IT has top notch people, we pay well and are very well positioned in the mortgage space. Even during the pandmic, we are having our best year ever by far and hired around 1000 people this year. Last year we moved from #8 consumer lender in US to #5. Our culture is carefully designed to make engineering teams as productive as possible and we take quality of our interactions very seriously.  We’ve have been really successful at hiring mature adults that understand “strong opinions, loosely held” and “disagree and commit”. Open to on-site (our office is in downtown Chicago, but we will be fully remote at least until 2021) or Remote (half of hour engineers don’t live in Chicago), continental US timezones only, US work authorization required, full time candidates only. We also hire talented engineers that are interested in learning functional programming. During the first 4 weeks they will have one job: attend our in-house engineer-led Clojure University and study the language and ecosystem. If you are interested please DM me (i am an engineer with 5.5 years tenure at Guaranteed Rate)

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