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Good Morning!


Am I right in assuming most of y'all use a laptop as your primary dev machine, just with an external monitor attached when you're at your desk?


When it came time to replace my (desktop) machine at work last time, I asked if they wanted to get me a laptop and they said they would prefer that I not be in a position where I might be tempted to work while I was traveling.


I was switched from a desktop to a pretty beefy (and heavy!) and laptop around 6 months ago, and given some fancier monitors too


It made things much easier when lockdown came


I've WFH for over a decade so the company has purchased desktop machines for devs for quite a while.


We either spec them out for the company to buy and ship to us, or the company gives us a gold AmEx to buy them ourselves.


I think they moved us to laptops so that we could take them to meetings, which seems a little pointless, but nevermind


I used a laptop at JUXT, but I found the power a little wanting, and the battery depleted within an hour after a couple of years. I now work from home, so I prefer the power of a desktop. If I want to work from the sofa, I have a cheap laptop I can ssh from and that's very low latency over the local network.


I'm French and I worked in the UK during 2018-2019. Now however, I'm not sure if I have the legal right to work there, if I wanted to go back (clojure jobs!) After googling a bit I found a "point system". I hope work experience in the UK and Singapore will qualify as having the required english level for those +20 points, as I've never done any official english proficiency exam.


until end of the year you can still move using EU rules …


meaning no visa, no points, you just move


but need to register for a special status that’ll let you stay afterwards


Oh thanks, that's very helpful!


@seancorfield i'm on a laptop with no external monitor. i could have an external monitor, but i don't like them - i find the head position unnatural and it hurts my neck


If your laptop is comfier than your external monitor, you're doing something very wrong.


Laptops are pretty bad for necks


ha, well i've been doing it very wrong for a long time without any injury, so i guess i'll carry on - but i've always found the laptop screen (on a desk, not my actual lap) to lead to a more relaxed neck position than a somewhat higher desktop screen


but then i prefer to sit on a kitchen chair rather than one of those "ergonomic" monstrosities too, so maybe i'm just atypical


You look forward comfortably, that's where the top of your monitor should roughly be.


also, what's up with working while traveling ? i get some great work done on the train

Ben Hammond08:07:47

plus it makes the journey pass so much faster

Ben Hammond08:07:06

and patchy internet coverage can work to your advantage


i use a desktop


more ram, more power.


a desktop cpu simply outperforms an equivalent mobile cpu


My laptop has 32GB (same as the desktop it replaced). I'm not sure the battery lasted an hour even when it was brand new, though


this mbp has been pretty good for battery life - i still get a solid 3-4 hrs out of it and it's almost 5 years old now


but it runs our stack and everything else i use with no issues, so i don't yearn for the additional ram or cpu i could get on a desktop


morning, I just got myself a desktop, but partly because I want to use the new MS FlightSimulator.


I use 16" MBP (32 GB, 8-core) + external keyboard (Keychron K2) + external display (high-DPI,;psc=1) + external Magic Trackpad and it is awesome desktop for me


I have a keychron k4, it's quite nice, although it took me a while to figure out how to type | and \ on it (short of switching to a US layout, which is not going to happen)


K4 looks great too.

Ben Hammond08:07:42

I'm on an i7 based XPS; more powerful than any desktop box I've ever had battery life isn't fabulous, but that wasn't a major considersation 2 large screens daisy-chained over DisplayPort -> thunderbolt can be a bit temperamental though


You don't notice the difference until you measure things like Linux compile time which is much faster on the thread ripper than on the mobile variant of the i7


FWIW, re the Desktop / Laptop discussion, I want to get a Desktop machine now that I am 100% remote, but I definitely need to organise my office first...


Having said that, the Dell XPS 13" I use with Ubuntu for work (standard Cervest Linux Build) can run anything I throw at it for work, so perhaps I just hanker for a big box on teh desk out of nostalgia...


Sad news about Grant Imahara


Oh yeah. and I use my laptop on a stand with an external keyboard to avoid the neck situation @dominicm is referring to.