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Anyone here care to check what's going on with the docker build on CI?


interesting and unfortunate error! thanks a lot @U013JFLRFS8! yeah i think this solution is better but also would add a TODO with the issue link to remove it at some point. not sure if the overwrite causes some issues down the line?


id like to stick to specific versions of alpine but would also like to keep up with updates like this big openssl bug recently


@U04V15CAJ i have subscribed to the issue on the glibc repo and would address it when its resolved. i'd really like to add a TODO on the docker file, should i do it directly on master with a [skip ci] ?


Yes please :)

Bob B15:11:14

thank you for adding the comment - I wasn't shirking it, but I was working on some add'l lib tests to make the PR worth borkdude's time (didn't want to do a PR just for a comment) 🙂


Yep, pretty much why I wanted to commit directly on master as well 😄