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Adam Kalisz13:11:19

This npx nbb nrepl-server :port 8001 seems to crash when I connect to it using IntelliJ remote REPL. The trace is in the crash-trace.txt attachment. It tries to look for Tk [Error]: Unable to resolve classname: Any ideas?


@adam.kalisz You should take this up with #C0744GXCJ’s maintainer. I think there might already be an issue about nbb. Nothing nbb can do here really, it's cursive that assumes a JVM on the other end

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If you're willing to try #CBE668G4R as one of the closest things to IntelliJ, it has good support for nbb


There is also an #C029PTWD3HR channel

Adam Kalisz13:11:12

Thanks for the quick reply and suggestions. I would expect, it wouldn't crash 🙂


well, I can fix that, but you still won't have a working nrepl ;)

Adam Kalisz14:11:03

That is ok, but IMHO a connection made in error shouldn't crash the program - it should perhaps produce a trace/ log a warning or something 🙂 Thank you for your patience!


I agree with that, I didn't know this was your issue


issue welcome