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Jacob O'Bryant05:11:57

Also got started on the next section: That's it till next week. Three more sections after this one. Planning to spend the 18th and the week of the 21st finishing it up. Starting to take shape:

Jacob O'Bryant05:11:10

By the way: any thoughts on how I've been copy+pasting the git diff output for the tutorial sections? does that work pretty well, or is it annoying to copy the code and remove all the leading +s and stuff?


I just started the tutorial today and while it was a little confusing at first, I started to get it. For me personally, I would prefer if the final product was simply shown as when i go to retype/change lines I see the changes anyways. As a tool to prevent people from copy+pasting without thinking it is effective tho


There’s probably a way to do both the incremental changes and the final state (but that’s Jacob’s domain). I think I probably copy/paste at times when it’s the final-output version bc I would have to try to figure out the changes.

Jacob O'Bryant00:11:31

by final product, you mean the code right?


Yeah, maybe not "final product" but the relevant code after that step

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Jacob O'Bryant00:11:32

maybe I'll do that and also add highlighting manually for the bits that are different


Maybe there could be a link to the final version down the page? And then you could keep the increments along the way?


I kind of like the story telling flow (here’s what we’re going to do/here’s the code in green to do that; and this was what was there before in red).

Jacob O'Bryant01:11:31

I'll probably try making a couple different versions of the "communities" section, then I'll post those so you can see them side by side, and then we'll see how it looks

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I think it should take second priority after finishing the tutorial. The diff approach is perfectly legible and is simply a matter of preference imo

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I think I misunderstood what @U049Q8NTLG3 was saying… I was thinking he meant the final version of the code for the whole section, not just the step itself. Got it now. Now I’m thinking of a three tab code viewer… diffs/final-for-step/raw-code. Maybe a little challenge for me.

Jacob O'Bryant01:11:09

sounds good to me!


HTMX would make it easier, for sure.


Having to modify the copied code slightly isn't a big deal for me personally. My number #1 "gripe" in Clojure is the lack of guided tutorials in the first place. So, I'm grateful you've gone to the trouble to create one. In an ideal world, I would prefer a more minimal approach. An example would be redwoodjs's docs, where they display no more code than necessary. Plus there's a copy and a "toggle line wrap" button for relevant snippets. I am also a fan of tutorials where the repo has stepped solutions or branches, where each branch corresponds with the finished code from the previous step/chapter. examples:

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Jacob O'Bryant18:11:32

That's a nice example. (I should probably take a look at a few tutorials from other projects to get ideas.) In any case, I guess consensus is I should just finish the tutorial as-is asap! After that's done I'll go back and refine things. Maybe add some a bit more explanation in certain spots too, or at least links to the relevant reference docs.

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