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Bobbi Towers05:11:19 I love the way this animation is done. It simply calculates the positions based on the time. In an old episode of cognicast, @aengelberg claims he had no idea what he was doing. Is this considered a recommended approach? I don't know if it's bad form to request a code review of someone else's old project. If so I sincerely apologize.


I'd rename some functions (like render-something into something-view), use reactions instead of functions to make it explicit that it's a reactive thing, and avoid derefing ratoms in JS handlers even when it seems to be OK to do so. And I would not use cljsjs nowadays, remove unused imports, replace mt/every with some hand-rolled impl to avoid an extra dependency just for that simple function, and would use reagent.core/atom via reagent/atom and not by shadowing the built-in atom. Other than than, seems alright.

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