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Anyone happen to know if the latest version of supports the recent I'm using the latest version of the dynamodb local, which was release after that announcement, but am getting

{:__type "",
  :Message "Member must have length less than or equal to 25",
  :cognitect.anomalies/category :cognitect.anomalies/incorrect}
When transact-writing more than the old limit of 25. I'm using aws-api with the latest versions and dynamodb release (which also happens after the new transaction increase announcement).

Drew Verlee18:10:46

Which library do you use to talk to aws? 1️⃣ Amazonica 2️⃣ aws-api 3️⃣ both 4️⃣ other?

1️⃣ 3
2️⃣ 17
3️⃣ 3
4️⃣ 5

My workflow is Start with aws-api, it is easy and idiomatic. In case of performance issue, or some missing operation, switch to java SDK(only for this operation)

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Drew Verlee20:10:28

thanks @U2J4FRT2T i have just been using the aws-api, so i was curious about amazonica and why people what people were using it for.


Java SDK + aws-api in my case

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Dimitar Uzunov07:10:00

No option for interop so I checked 2 and 4

Dimitar Uzunov07:10:41

But tbh I would take the cognitect lib over interop any time

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