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Dainius Jocas12:03:58

Here is the Lambda Layer in the Serverless Application Repository Any feedback welcome. Later Today I'll prapare a detailed instructions on how to use it.


are there any big advantages besides startup time? I guess you no longer need to deploy a jar file?

Dainius Jocas13:03:11

Cold startup time with 128MB is 400ms, Subsequent calls are from 4ms to 120ms, with majority being around 20ms. Yes, no jars are needed. Also, the deployment package is just a file or two with your script. And when deployment package is smaller than 3MB you can edit it directly in the console.


wow, very cool! going to show this to my team. I am finding more use cases for babashka by the day

Dainius Jocas14:03:38

I myself touched babashka only last Friday 😄