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AJ Jaro12:03:20

I recently upgraded to Cursive 1.9.1-2019.3 and started receiving StackOverflowErrors this morning. Based on the logs, IntellIJ is blaming Cursive for that failure. IntelliJ then freezes and I’m required to restart. This is happening every few minutes this morning and is very reproducible. Attached is the last Exception from IntellIJ for reference. Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.


It’s very strange, nothing in that code has changed for ages. Does File | Invalidate caches and Restart help? If not, are you able to share the source code for the file which provokes the problem?

AJ Jaro12:03:03

I had this occur probably four times yesterday morning and after I posted this question it didn’t happen anymore. I did have a build failure that I didn’t realize during this time, however, that may have been inducing some abnormal behavior. I’ll work on finding a way to bring this up again and let you know if I can regularly force this to happen.


Hi, I am new to Clojure and Cursive. I am following this tutorial I have that dependency in my deps.edn and when I start a repl, I run (require '[crux.api :as crux]) I get Error: :namespace-not-found


Are you evaluating that form by sending it from an editor, or typing it directly into the REPL editor? If you’re sending from a file, loading that file before sending should help.


@U067C1A9E that also the only situation when i've seen this error message so far.


I think you are right, plus the deps.edn file was messed up. Thanks.


If I try clj from the command line it works

Amy Clark18:03:29

Hello! I'm having an issue where cursive won't recognize a certain name, specifically "idiot.clj," as a clojure namespace. When I make a namespace with other names, I have no issues. I became aware of this problem because the clojure icon doesn't come up to the left of idiot.clj in my project explorer and it doesn't show matching brackets correctly in the code in that file. Anyone have any advice?

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That’s really weird. I’m pretty sure I have no code referencing idiots in Cursive 🙂


I’m not sure what might cause that. I don’t think IntelliJ allows you to change the file type for a specific file.


If you delete the file and then re-create the namespace, does it happen again?

Amy Clark15:03:42

Yes, it's super strange. I have tried deleting the file completely and restarting Cursive and it still happens. When I refactor and rename it immediately recognizes it as a Clojure file.


maybe the spellchecker checks filenames too and deems idiot an offensive word aaand ... i don't know 🙂

Janne Sauvala09:03:38

@U010A3WT8AE Could you check if you have accidentally added something related to “idiot.clj” to the Text file type. Go to Settings->Editor and check Text from Recognized file types -list and its registered patterns.


I right-clicked, add clojure namespace, typed idiot.clj and it looks fine

Amy Clark13:03:23

@UJZ6S8YR2 This fixed my problem! idiot.clj was in the list of registered patterns for text files. Thank you so much!

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Thanks @UJZ6S8YR2, I learned something today too!

Joe R. Smith20:03:26

now I'm curious what goes in idiot.clj 😄

Amy Clark01:04:16

@U087E7EJW it’s for a school project, making a clone of git called idiot.

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Amy Clark01:04:17

Because git calls itself the “stupid content tracker”