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Looks like Yada doesn’t provide what Sente expects in the response object. Moved to Luminus template instead…

Braden Shepherdson14:03:19 that's unfortunate. would you be willing to file a bug against yada with some details of the problem?


@braden.shepherdson I can’t even sure if that’s a bug or not, as there’s no reference setup that I could lean on; or if I’m not knowledgeable enough to figure out. On the other side, Luminus and ring ecosystem have plenty of reference projects for me to get things up and running. Having said that, I’ll keep an eye on Yada updates and shall give it a shot later. As an aside, firstly I choose Aleph in my Luminus setup, but then switched to Immutant to get rid of some server side error messages. Thanks for responding in this channel 🙂