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is there any way to use a registry for looking up handlers? I'd like to do this: ["/foobar" {:get {:handler :foo/bar}}]


or what's the recommended way to combine pure-data route information with handler functions when using reitit-ring?


handling it with a custom :expand function, would love to know if there's a better way


been busy with work and helping kids with remote school, haven’t had time for open source - lag in handling the PRs & issues right now.


@plexus there isn’t a official / documented way to do that. :expand should work and you can also map it for sequences and use sci to implement those. would be an awesome demo to have a “online routing editor” using cljs + code-mirror.


at some point, there was a dicussion should the handlers too have a supporting Protocol like Interceptors & Middleware. One could attach meta-data, and :compile those ahead of time. Not sure how useful that would be, but possible.


Ideas welcome.