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I'm starting a new project for a binary serialization format. It does not intend to compete on producing the smallest binary or having the fastest algorithm, but rather reliably produce deterministic binaries, independently from implementation, language or runtime. If that has any real value to you, please consider giving feedback is it's still in alpha state 🙂


CBOR itself seems to have a different focus (data format whose design goals include the possibility of extremely small code size, fairly small message size, and extensibility without the need for version negotiation). That differs a bit from my original intent, but I got interested in the RFC 8152 /

CBOR Object Signing and Encryption


How is it different from Avro?


This is schemaless, we don't need to define a schema. It's analogue would be CBOR or MessagePack, but with strong guarantees on how to serialize collections.


Gotcha :thumbsup:

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> reliably produce deterministic binaries 😍

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Introducing HoneyEQL - A Clojure library enables you to query the database using the EDN Query Language.

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Helix is a library which provides a set of tools for doing idiomatic React development in ClojureScript. I just released 0.0.10! 🎉

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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the 0.1.3 release of, a library for writing and displaying tutorials to your users on your reagent/re-frame application. This release changes: • When a tutorial is available it no longer starts automatically but instead displays a snackbar at the bottom of the screen indicating that a tutorial is available with options to accept or dismiss #17. The legacy behaviour is available by setting `:auto-accept? true` on the tutorial description. The aims of re-learn are: • Display "lessons" on the UI right next to the elements they describe • Define the lessons as data right next to the code that creates the elements • Support incremental introduction of new features to existing users • Work with UIs built with React and require no dom manipulation or special markup

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