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When you’re the only person working on a system then every problem comes back to you. So I’m a bit anxious about announcing that Asami 2.0.0 is out, since I know that every bug is my fault :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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But hey… it’s out 😄


I’m really hoping I have someone else to blame for the next major release. If you want to be that scapegoat, then please let me know 🙂


To be clear, I don’t have the official opening yet, but I’ve been told that I will be allowed to hire someone to come work at Cisco on this project with me.

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that sounds very interesting - i hope you'll post about it when that opportunity opens up! 🙂


I’m especially happy because in recent months I’ve had lots of non-Asami things to do at work.


Like next week... I’m doing a Scrum master course on Monday/Tuesday. Not really necessary but I figure it will help my employability in the future 😊