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Sam Ritchie15:04:36

SICMUtils 0.18.0 is out! As of today, the library can run everything from Sussman and Wisdom’s Functional Differential Geometry: As a wild example that I don’t have my head around yet (thanks for the code, GJS!), here are Einstein’s field equations in Clojure: This is a big milestone toward a complete port of the original, massive scmutils library from Gerald Sussman. There are a couple of large pieces to go, mostly around making the simplifier smoking fast… but the end is in sight. Once the port is done I’ll turn full focus toward expanding the system’s ability to drive animations in the browser, and generate beautiful Vega charts during interactive investigations of these physical systems and calculus on manifolds. Here’s the CHANGELOG for the release: Come discuss in #sicmutils if any of this seems interesting!

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This looks very impressive.

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Sam Ritchie16:04:59

Happy to answer any questions or be a guide for the library; there really is a ton here. CLJDocs are having trouble building, but here’s at least a skeletal overview of some of the library:


For those using malli and missing spec's instrumentation, I wrote this small thing today (very early version!) 😄 I plan to continue improving it in the following weeks as I use it:

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Releasing an alpha version of Clem -- a project to make clojure exception messages easier to understand, using a tool which integrates with users' REPLs. It's especially targeted at beginners, but I could use feedback from more experienced developers as well. Gitlab: ClojureVerse write up:

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Umur Gedik20:04:43

Does it also helps with the clojurescript stack traces?


Not working with ClojureScript yet, obviously somewhere we'd like to go, but the tooling is different so it will be a fairly substantial project

Umur Gedik20:04:56

I see thanks anyway ^^


@U050ECB92 Dang that's exactly what we did, down to describing the infrastructure. I don't believe the original creator of Clem was active on this slack when it started, but definitely great minds thinking a like there :)


Very cool stuff! Is there any reason why this needs to be an online hosted server, rather than a downloadable local database of error messages? I'd imagine it's just useful for now to community outsource types of exceptions/error patterns etc., but to actually have people use this tool in more serious environments it should probably be entirely offline.


@UNRDXKBNY Thanks! And that would probably be very useful, but at the moment the database simply doesn't exist. Part of why I'm sharing this with the community is Clem not only provides messages on errors, but also adds them to the database so we know they exist. It'll need a bit of time to build up a useful database. It's simply a datomic database, so I imagine once we have a somewhat usable basis of errors we could allow downloading it. (You can also try running your own instance, though it's really only set up to do that for dev setups)