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Sam Ritchie15:04:10

hey all! @lee I am going to go full on at porting math over to my docs on the next release. Thank you again for this!!

Sam Ritchie15:04:28

swinging back to a major writing phase now that I’ve got a big chunk of the general relativity code working.

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Sam Ritchie15:04:34

Q for y’all: I see a failed build here,

Sam Ritchie15:04:34

that was for both first and second rebuilds. clicking the secret button again

Sam Ritchie15:04:40

the library is getting pretty huge…

Sam Ritchie15:04:18

Sorry, threading! But I do see success:

2021-04-08 15:51:06,758 INFO  cljdoc-analyzer.runner - results file: /tmp/cljdoc/analysis-out/cljdoc-edn/sicmutils/sicmutils/0.18.0/cljdoc.edn
2021-04-08 15:51:06,758 INFO  cljdoc-analyzer.runner - Analysis succeeded.


Ya seems odd, I can take a peek sometime later today if nobody else beats me to it!

Sam Ritchie16:04:03

that would be great if you find some time. Failed a third time, with another successful build at the other end of the link:


Interesting. I’ve got some time to look soon. I’ll follow up here.


Not managing to reproduce the error locally on my dev box yet. Will continue to investigate.


Ah… I think cljdoc might simply be timing out. Cljdoc waits a max of 5 minutes for CircleCI to complete its analysis job. And the sicmutils analysis job is taking a wee bit longer.

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@U017QJZ9M7W, I upped cljdoc’s timeout from 5 to 10 minutes and rebuilt sicmutils. Looks good now.

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Sam Ritchie18:04:13

Thank you!

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