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Is there any documentation about ::txn/submission-queue, ::txn/active-queue, and ::txn/send-queues? The source code in the txn namespace is a bit hard to follow


If you check out the source and use deps to make that what you’re using for your code, then you can decorate the tx processing code with calls to tx-status, which will dump whats in the various queues.


(`tap>` is your better friend here, these days)


This section of the book mentions what all is going on in there:

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A while ago I was playing around with having the tx layer combine transactions into one network call. I left some cursory notes from my code dive here: or view the text bc I wasn't careful with formatting (the section "Dan's notes") : (warning, very rough - typos etc, was meant for me to organize my thoughts 🙂 )

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