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Hi all, I made an emacs integration for borkdude/carve. It lets you run carve with a simple key binding and opens a result buffer where you can navigate to the results and add them to your ignore file with a single keystroke. Any feedback or PRs welcome, as always. Enjoy!

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Cool! Feel free to make a PR against carve to document this project

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borkdude12:01:25 a CLI to add common aliases and features to deps.edn-based projects See the blog post for a gentle introduction into neil. 0.1.48 (2023-01-20) ā€¢ Print a message and exit when the github rate-limit is reached ( ( ā€¢ Friendlier env vars for neil github token usage ( ( ā—¦ BABASHKA_NEIL_DEV_GITHUB_USER -> NEIL_GITHUB_USER ā—¦ BABASHKA_NEIL_DEV_GITHUB_TOKEN -> NEIL_GITHUB_TOKEN The old env vars are left in-place as a fallback, but may be removed in a future version. ā€¢ neil dep add: Always write library names as namespaced symbols ( ā—¦ Old behavior: neil dep add http-kit writes http-kit {:mvn/version "2.7.0-alpha1"} to deps.edn ā—¦ New behavior: neil dep add http-kit writes http-kit/http-kit {:mvn/version "2.7.0-alpha1"} to deps.edn

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bb-dialog: a new library to easily make your babashka scripts interactive! - all credit goes to @jarcane

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the deps.edn snippet is missing a " . Looks nice I am trying it


@U02CV2P4J6S thanks, will fix asap!

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:01:09 1.1.0 - A map optimized for integer keys ā€¢ DIMAP-17 - use singletons for empty int maps and sets - thanks Josh Lemer ā€¢ DIMAP-16 - fix equals and equiv don't compare equals with Java maps/sets - thanks Andy Fingerhut ā€¢ DIMAP-18 - fix empty doesn't preserve meta - thanks Josh Lemer ā€¢ DIMAP-7 - fix minor typos in README and docstring - thanks Ben Cook ā€¢ Remove unused ArrayList allocation - thanks Josh Lemer

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