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Anyone working on the Protohacker problems? They’re a nice complement to AoC.

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I have never used Java and had only barely touched Java interop. These have been a fun way to “level up” and also learn how to read Java docs and translate that to clojure code.


I'd say these are way more hardcore than AoC


first thing I see is I have to reverse engineer some unknown protocol 😂


That one (#10) looks like it’ll be fun, but I’m just starting #8 now. While they don’t necessarily get progressively harder, you’ll want to start with the earlier ones.


Not going to lie, protohacker questions make me feel like I am fresh out of college and don’t know anything. And I’ve been developing for years 😞. It would be fun to read some stuff and try it. Where do you guys usually deploy your code?


I had written network code in other languages but not in clojure, so I felt similar. I learned a lot about java interop and core.async. I started out building uberjars and launching in externally-hosted docker containers, but it was easier to just add a port redirect to my laptop and test against that. especially with #10 where you learn the specs through testing.